2020 Parlour, Order of Operations, Winnipeg MB
2018 Blinkers, Lamp Post Sun, Winnipeg MB
2018 Fools & Horses, Lamp Post Sun, Winnipeg MB
2017 Nuit Blanche Strmy, Winnipeg MB
2014 Nuit Blanche, “scars on his face from when his son stabbed him with a knife,” Winnipeg MB


2020 YngSpc + David B. Smith Gallery, as inside so outside, Colorado, DV
2020 Martha Street Studio, The Playground, Winnipeg MB
2020 Side x Side Contemporary, So Close, Online Exhibiton
2020 Gallery 1C03, Yearning For Comfort, Not Cure Winnipeg MB
2019 La Maison des Artistes, Take 2, Winnipeg MB
2019 AceArt, Cartae Blanche, Winnipeg MB
2019 Platform Gallery, Winnipeg MB
2017 Martha Street Studio, Winnipeg MB
2016 Martha Street Studio, Winnipeg MB

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